Top 10 Most Cosmetically-Enhanced Countries

Cosmetic surgeries are fairly common nowadays. But then some countries may be ranking high when it comes to statistics. How does one measure the number per country? Certain organizations measure the countries number and rank through plastic surgery per capita. And with that, even though US have one of the most beauty conscious cultures, it didn’t rank that high.

South Korea though topped them all. The ongoing popularity of cosmetic surgeries had scaled to unscalable heights and has reached even third world countries around the world.

Reasons Why Cosmetic Surgery Stats Rises

There are lots of reasons why the industry has risen from being a choice of a chosen few to being the massively available to everybody. There could be cultural and social things behind that.

Affordability. In the past, a rhinoplasty can cost you a fortune. Today you can scrape it off your salary for months and voila, you have a new and better nose. The prices of each surgery also became reachable because of competition. Many clinics and hospitals as well a practicing physician who is attributed to the field which is a boom compared to the past services available.

Options. Because there are many options today. In the past you may only be hearing of Botox, today there are other options which is unthinkable back then.

Media and acceptability. Sometimes back then plastic surgery is a taboo. It’s something that should be kept as a secret. Today due to the open mindedness of the society, and the constant media awareness, people tend to get information more and tend to judge it less.

Rise in beauty consciousness. Many people now are beauty conscious. They put more effort in looks. With the advancement and growth of social media also comes the need to look good and to feel good.

Rise of digital camera sales. Well a deeper study needs to be conducted with this. But recently camera sales have grossed higher due to onslaught of many social media sites that posts pictures. Selfies or a picture of one’s self taken by their own camera and Smartphones are also a trend. That goes with the cameras popularity and the ever gnawing trend of putting pressure for beauty and one’s self.

Now that the reasons for the rise has been tackled, let’s go to the countries that are deemed to have the highest percentage of surgery performed per capita.

The Top Ten List of Countries with Most Cosmetic Surgery Performed

10. Mexico

Mexico is known for cheaper cosmetic procedures which are the reasons why it is included in here. Mexico’s treatments and procedures sometimes costs half less than those in the US.

9. France

France is known for its elegant women. Though its people don’t seek for very younger than they look, many would want to look great in the age they sport. Subtle and little cosmetic procedures then are popular here.

8. Japan

Japan is one of 3 Asian countries to top this list. The Japanese tend to have procedures such as face lift, liposuction and Blepharoplasty. Japanese culture is fairly conservative, and there’s nothing traditional about stuffing a human breast with saline bags or injecting one’s face with botulism. Going under the knife to change or “augment” one’s appearance was associated with extreme vanity or vapidity, and those who did so were referred to as “Kewpie dolls” (women) or “cute” (men).

7. Taiwan

Taiwanese people consider cosmetic surgery as fashionable. Thus the rise of cosmetic procedure in their country.  Botox as well as other wrinkle reducing treatments took the top spots.

6. United States


As the economy of the US starts to recover, more and more treatments are being scheduled. Liposuction came in first with breast augmentation as next for the most in demand surgery.

5. Colombia

Aside from its domestic clientele, Colombia has also many foreign patients trying to visit it for some nip and tuck. Cosmetic tourism has Colombia in its list and its getting a rise lately too. This could be due to the price here is a little bit cheaper.

4. Brazil


Well, we know Brazil. It’s a home to one of the worlds beautiful people but then many still are opting for surgery. The number of cosmetic surgery performed in this county is partly due to its cosmetic tourism pull. Many visits Brazil for operation. And yes, Brazil is really a word of the mouth in the cosmetic industry field.

3. Italy

Italy came higher than Brazil which is quite a puzzle to many. But nevertheless, Italy still manages to perform so many liposuctions as well as get Botox requests. And that, I guess made it on this list.

2. Greece

Breast surgery has a high note in this country. But an ever larger number is the penis enlargement procedure which is ten times the average of other countries.

1. South Korea

One in five women in the said country has cosmetic surgery. That’s why it took the top spot. It also has higher number of procedures performed because of the beauty pressure put by their culture. Blepharoplasty is the most common surgery in Korea followed by rhinoplasty. Cosmetic surgery in the country are sometimes given as gifs for graduating high school students from parents and many patients who recently undergone cosmetic surgery can sport their bandages over the streets freely.

The above countries are also deemed to have the cheapest country prices for cosmetic surgery. Some country not listed here may list their cosmetic surgery prices a bit higher than the rest. But then there are certain countries here that should be included such as Australia, Thailand and India. They are pushing through medical tourism too and are noted for its good services and very laudable clinics.

But whether you try having your surgery in one of these countries or not, you may have the options. Consider your choice for an abroad and foreign surgery compared to a domestic procedure done at your own home country. Again, you have the choice.