Top 10 Odd Facts about Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano

Here are ten interesting facts about Donald Sterling and his mistress, V. Stiviano.

10. She thinks Sterling is a Bigot.
In the tape, V. Stiviano, who is of Black and Mexican Mexican, repeatedly presses Donald Sterling about his hatred for racial minorities and points out multiple times that she has a “mixed” racial background. She also accused him of being a bigot.

9. He manages a league of minorities but refrains his mistress from associating with them.
V. Stiviano was pictured with NBA legend and Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Magic Johnson in a photo that was posted to her Instagram page but has since been taken down. The photo was at the center of an argument between Stiviano and her boyfriend, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who scolded the mistress for associating with black people in public and ordered her to take down the photo. Oddly enough, he works for a franchise where most of the players are minorities.

8. She is being sued by Shelly Sterling, the estranged wife of Donald Sterling.
Stiviano is a defendant in a lawsuit brought on by Sterling’s estranged wife, Shelly Sterling, who accuses Stiviano of being a “gold digger” and is seeking to recover money and gifts she says her husband gave Stiviano with money jointly held by the couple. Will she win? We’ll have to wait and see. I think she’s in this on her own because Donald will no longer support her.

7. She has attended every Clippers game.
Stiviano is a regular fixture courtside at Clippers game, usually sitting with Donald, or distinct guests like Magic Johnson. She regularly posts Instagram pictures of her arriving at games and appears to have been a fan even before knowing Donald.

6. She wore a crazy ‘Star Wars’ mask to avoid reporters the other day.
I guess she is a Star Wars fan, afterall. But everyone knows the saying…You can run, but you can’t hide. You stirred up a mess that was not really necessary and now you have a target on your back. That target won’t go away so easily.

5. She’s more expensive than Hugh Hefner’s mistresses.
According to Shelley Sterling, Stiviano received gifts like a $1.8 million duplex in Los Angeles and four cars, including a Ferrari, two Bentleys and a Range Rover, valued above $500,000. Will she be broke when Donald and Shelly are done with her? Adultery is a sin in the U.S.

4. He wishes he paid her off.
“I wish I had just paid her off,” Sterling told DuJour. The only reason she went public with the recording was because Donald refused to pay her to keep her mouth shut. Wouldn’t that be extortion? She tried to take a gain from having something incriminating over her boyfriend’s head. I am sure the police is already investigating.

3. She got her boyfriend banned for life from NBA.
On April 29, 2014, Sterling was banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 million by the NBA after recordings of him making racist comments were made public. Is his mistress really worth all that trouble? This 80 year old really needs to get his priorities straightened out.

2. He is Jewish.
He’s put a bad name to Judaism by being Jewish on both sides. Judaism accepts other religions and plurality. It never tries to say one religion is inferior to the other. In this case, Mr. Sterling disregarded his beliefs, and replaced it with his dogma.

1. He was involved in another controversy in the 1980s.
Sterling in 1982 was fined $10,000 by the NBA after he commented that he would accept the Clippers finishing in last place in order to draft an impact player like Ralph Sampson. In 1984, Sterling moved the Clippers from San Diego to Los Angeles. However, the move was not approved by the NBA, which fined him $25 million.