10 Fun Ways You Can Enjoy A Long Distance Relationship

It’s hard to stay connected with a girlfriend/boyfriend when they’re not physically around. I know there are couples who struggle with it all the time because they’re not just used to it and there are also others who persevere with their love and are happy with what they have. It all depends on how you look at things a certain way. But today long distance relationships are easier to bear with technology. Now there are more and more ways to stay connected and enjoy each other’s virtual company. The internet has really helped out couples with the invention of video chatting, social media and emails.

However, those are not the only activities couples can enjoy. Always try to keep things interesting and fun for the both of you. Explore different ways on how you can connect. Listed below are 10 suggestions on how couples can stay happy and enjoy their long distance relationships:

10. Send each other presents like flowers:

It is a wonderful feeling to be surprised with flowers just because. Random presents make a person feel special knowing that someone out there wants you to know that you are loved. It can be very motivating to receive something from a loved one especially if you’ve been through some rough days and they aren’t there to help you out.

9. Play games together:

Multiplayer games allow couples to be ‘virtually’ together in a virtual world. Slay monsters together, save each other from certain ‘deaths’ and enjoy your time together. I used to play and online game or two and I found that it was twice as fun when I’m playing with that special someone.

8. Save your money for plane tickets:

Make sure to at least see each other once a month or once every two months. Take turns in traveling so you won’t burn a hole through your pocket. It can be expensive but what’s money compared to spending a day with the one you love? Never miss a special occasion or any occasion for that matter because that’s the whole point of being in a relationship, having someone who will be there for you through good times and bad.

7. Do things together like reading a book, listening to music, or watching TV:

It doesn’t matter if you’re in different time zones, doing things at the same time will give you something to talk about and relate to.

6. Send handwritten love letters:

Receiving snail mail is as exciting now as it was back then during the time of the pen pals. Today, emails are nothing special since we get it every day along with a lot of spam. A personalized and handwritten letter is very romantic and is something I always look forward to. You know that feeling that someone spent time writing you a lover letter, it’s a great feeling to have.

5. Make video messages:

Video messages are like sending texts or emails but in video. This is a fun new way to say ‘I love you’ or ‘Have a great day’.

4. Try sharing screens when you’re chatting:

This is a lot of fun. You’ll get to share with your boyfriend what you’re doing online and the things that you’re reading or looking at.

3. Grow a plant together:

I know couples who enjoy taking care of plants indoors. Doing this for long distance couples can be fun. The both of you take a seed and make sure you plant them on the same day and then watch it grow together with your love.

2. Wear the same accessory like a watch or a bracelet:

Little things like this will remind you of each other and will sort of help every time you miss each other.

1. Communicate every day:

Watch out for when the time comes that you no longer have anything left to say though. Always keep your conversations interesting and not repetitious. Make daily updates on work, school, your daily outfits and the weather. Whatever you can think of just as long as you’ll have something. Don’t forget to enjoy every minute you spend with your loved one even if it’s just on the phone.

As long as there’s still love in the relationship, it doesn’t matter how far the distance is between you two. Plan your future ahead because this long distance phase will surely end. In one way or another, either marriage or you will split up. But for now, all you need is love.