Top 10 Countries with the Sexiest Men

A sexy man is one who is sophisticated, but has susceptibility to attack and attract, looks rugged and tough, mean but has the kindest eyes with cutest the smile, has terrific physique but can touch a lady with the softest caress.

He is one who is allowed to be brutally honest only if he is capable of falling deeply in love. He has the capability of making a woman feel like a princess with his love and lusty looks. A sexy man is confident without being self-assertive and arrogant. Men to-die-for are definitely the sexiest creatures around. Here comes the list of countries with the most handsome men.

10. Canada:

Top 10 Countries with Sexy Men

Visit Canada and you’ll definitely find the most handsome men of your dreams – in clubs, on the streets, in the park, and the like!  Canadian men have a reputation for being honest, practical, handsome, strong as well as tolerant. The image of the proud Mountie standing on guard or the hard-working manly lumberjack providing for his family is what comes to mind when other people think of Canadian men. They are also into fashion and modeling, especially in Toronto. Their cool and charming personalities are also one of the most liked in the world.

9. Italy:

Top Ten Countries with Sexy Men

An Italian man appreciates family. Italy is a land of sexy women and handsome men. Here the male community is dominating almost every sector of life. They are not only intelligent and hard working but also hot and heavy. An Italian man flirts like other men breathe — regularly and naturally. From olden days Italians have had a reputation for charming women the world over and they never rely on looks alone.

8. Spain:

Top 10 Countries with Sexy Men

Spain’s males make the best “love” in the world. These guys are always in love with more than one woman just because they are romantic and energetic by nature.

7. United States of America:

Top Ten Countries with Sexy Men

United States of America’s men are attractive and love to have long-golden hairs. These guys are cool enough to make lots of women crazy both at national and international level. Just take a look at the hot bodies of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Adam Levine, Joshua Morrow, and Ryan Gosling. In fall of 2013, People’s Magazine voted Adam Levine the Sexiest Man alive. I personally cannot stand his tattoos.

6. Germany:

Top 10 Countries with Sexy Men

Germany is a land of wonders but the wonders are appealed not only its places but also in its people. As compared to the German women, the men have better heights, better educational and job facilities. But more than this, their hot and sexy look is remarkable.

5. England:

Top Ten Countries with Sexy Men

Hollywood has many sexy men, but I am not talking about Americans – at least not yet on this top ten list of countries with the most handsome men.  I am speaking of sexy men with irresistible accents…well, that’s a whole other breed.  Brits—from young lads like Prince Harry and Duke of Cambridge (Aka. Prince William) to “veterans” including Ewan McGregor and Daniel Craig—are truly enjoyable to look at and bloody marvelous to watch in action. We’re chuffed to bits to present our list of the sexiest British imports.

4. Austria:

Top 10 Countries with Sexy Men

Austrian men are thoughtful and reliable, and these very qualities are most appreciated in single men by women seeking a partner.  They have fair skins and shiny hairs and of course attractive bodies to make the women crazy about them.  The moment you meet a single Austrian, you will notice their unwillingness to create a family immediately. Anyway, you will touch the traditions of such a historically and politically important country as the Republic of Austria.

3. Brazil:

Top Ten Countries with Sexy Men

Brazilian men are well-known for their passion and persistence. The ladies are full of excitement when they feel wanted by Brazilian men. The Brazilian man’s eyes can be so insistent in a way that North American eyes don’t have the courage to be.  Their passion seems so ephemeral, and at times, almost insultingly generic. The beaches of Rio are full of them. Take your pick – starting with the one pictured above.

2. Sweden:

Top 10 Countries with Sexy Men

The men of Sweden are hot and fair skinned. They are also one of the misunderstood in the world. They are often stereotyped as cold, emotionally distant loners, and inexplicably mistaken for Swiss guys. On the plus side, they are also generally considered aesthetically pleasing due to their fine-boned Nordic attributes and exceptional height advantage. Just take one look at Alexander Skarsgard. He was voted 5 times the sexiest man alive in Sweden.

1. France:

Top 10 List of Countries with Sexy Men

France is the country with the most talented male and female models. Here the personality and mental grooming is what can be counted towards the hotness level of the men. The French men are sexy looking and slim and love to complete different workouts for staying fit and healthy.