Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World

Ever  wondered “what are the 10 most expensive watches in  world?”. If you belong to the elite class of the rich and the famous and are rolling around your bedroom in piles of cash  wondering what to do with all that money? How about buying your sweetheart  something really special, one of the 10 Most Expensive Watches in the  World?

10. Cartier Secret Watch With Phoenix Decor – $2.75 million

Top 10 List of Most Expensive Watches

Cartier Secret Watch With Phoenix Decor

This one of a kind watch is made of 18-carat, rhodium-plated white gold with small emerald embellishments. It is covered in 3,010 brilliant-cut diamonds and a portrait-cut diamond that weighs 3.53 carats. What makes this expensive watch stand out from the rest are its unique phoenix shape and small-sized dial.

9. Patek Philippe 1953 Heures Universelles Model 2523 – $2.9 million

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches

Patek Philippe 1953 Heures Universelles Model 2523

This normal-looking watch was sold at an auction for $2.9 million. It immediately became the most expensive stainless-steel watch to be sold. If you ever inherit a Patek Philippe in stainless steel, then you’d better make sure it does not scratch or break. Patek Philippe watches in steel are more rare than their counterparts in gold and therefore fetch incredibly high prices when auctioned or pawned.

8. Piaget Emperador Temple- $3.3 million

Top Ten List of Luxury Watches


What happens when you have a zillion diamonds on a watch? Well this happens… In 2010, Piaget successfully crammed in more diamonds into an Emperador style watch than in any other watch. It is like eating Cheerios and Corn Flakes cereal. Can you taste the difference?

The watch is the most exquisite in its kind, featuring baguette cut stones, brilliant cut stones, and one emerald cut stone that tops off the stack o’ precious gems. The watch case fits the Emperador style mold, and inside the watch is two movements. The grander of the two being the tourbillon. Not sure whether the top movement is mechanical or quartz. Do you know?

7. Patek Philippe 1928 Single Button Chronograph Watch – $3.6million

Top 10 List of Vintage Watches

Patek Philippe 1928 Single Button Chronograph Watch

This luxury watch is simply stunning. It has a 34mm cushion shaped single button chronograph that comprises of 18 carat pure white gold. It is designed with a silvered matte dial and features 23 beautiful jewels, gold dauphine hands, windows for month and day and also moon phases with date. It was manufactured on the eve of the crash of the Stock Market in 1928 and is known as one of the most important patrons of Patek Philippe.

6. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time – $4.03 million

Top 10 List of Most Expensive Watches

Patek Phillippe

It is a stylish watch of its own kind and has no comparison as not even a single model of this sort was ever made. The luxury watch has the tendency to wind itself and you can find the time at any luxury watch store in the world, it has an array of finishes to select from white, yellow and rose gold and the stunning platinum for discriminating buyers. This valuable watch was made in 1939, has 24 time zones and is made entirely of platinum gold. It significant because it is the first watch that was worn on the moon.

5. Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch – $ 4.6million

Top Ten Luxury Watches

Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch

It may look like a lot to pay for a watch, but considering the series comes in a set of four tourbillion watches, the price is not too shabby. Moinet decided to use pieces of meteorites to make each watch. He teamed up with Meteorite hunter Luc Labenne to collect pieces from the moon, a Mars meteorite, and an asteroid.

4. Hublot Diamond Watch – $5 million

Top 10 List of Most Expensive Watches

Hublot Diamond Watch

Hublot Diamond watch is one of the most expensive watches in the world. It is a beautiful watch that is designed and adorned with 1,200 diamonds that weigh 140 carats and it contains six stones each of them weigh at least three carats. It is a watch that requires a high time for creation as the company allots 17 employees that took fourteen months in its designing. It is an outstanding diamond watch that has 18 carat white gold dial of 4.4mm with 18 carat white gold lining and the bracelet also contains 18 carat white gold.

What else makes this watch significant? The rhodium-plated, diamond-polished hands are driven by a self-winding, 25-jewel, HUB 1100 movement with about 42 hours of power reserve. That’s so cool, but for 5 million dollars, would installing a battery have been too much to ask? Perhaps. In some circles, battery-powered watches are considered just another piece of jewelry, not fine timepieces.

3. Patek Philippe Ref. 1527 – $ 5.6 million

Top 10 List of Vintage Watches


Watch designers at Patek Philippe are likely patting each other on the back due to a recent auction results. Not that they really did anything in a modern sense. This was due to the sale of an old watch. A unique Patek Philippe watch from 1944 was sold for $5.637 million at a Christie’s auction in Geneva. That’s right. Over 5.6 million dollars for a Patek Philippe wrist watch (see the image above). Aside form the fact that it is a unique watch (and a Patek Philippe) there is nothing extraordinarily interesting about it.

The watch is referred to at the Ref. 1527 – though there is a more modern 1527, and no classic 1527 in Patek’s historical records. More than likely that watch was a prototype of experiment. Perhaps a more complex model than the highly loved 1518 Perpetual Calendar Patek Philippe watch. This 1527 watch has a chronograph that the 1518 does not have, a larger size, and a more avant garde case design. . In 18k yellow gold, the watch is further unique for being relatively large for a war-era watch. Over 37mm in width – while considered medium in size at best given today’s standards, this was a large watch back in the 1940s.

2. Patek Philippe Super Complication – $11 million

Top 10 Luxury Watches


Patek Philippe Super Complication is a watch that is made up of 18 carat gold and is wrapped within a glass cover of 36mm.It is a luxury timepiece that is also renowned as the most complicated timepiece of its time in the world till 1989, due to a number of complications it possess in the form of 24 mechanical functions that are further than time telling. This stunning watch took a time period of five years to be made and was completed in 1933, originally designed for an American banker named Harry Graves.

1. Chopard 210 carat – $25 million

The Most Expensive Watch in the world

Chopard watch

The most expensive watch that not only tells you the time but also tells the world how much money you have in your bank account. With its 201 karats of coloured diamonds, this masterpiece is for the love of your life or some real special. It is a spectacular piece of jewellery first and a timepiece second. This watch is beautiful and simple time piece that looks like it is surrounded by flowers.