Top 10 People Who Went to Hell

Is hell real? If yes, what does it look like? Who lives there? Journeys to the devil’s domain are more common than you might think. Here are 10 people who went to hell and came back to speak and write about.

10. Bill Wiese:

On November 22, 1998 at 3:23a.m., Annette Wiese woke up to her husband’s screams. Rushing down the hall of their California home to the living room, she found him lying on the floor in a fetal position. His hands were grasping at the sides of his head, begging her to pray for his safe return. After he drank several glasses of water, Bill Wiese explained in horror to his wife that God had taken him to hell and back. Wiese supposedly spent 23 minutes in a fiery pit that many people refuse to believe exists. Wieses now believe that they were chosen by God to deliver a message about hell—a hotly debated topic among Christians—is paradoxical. It’s not the kind of calling you might expect for this couple.

9. Evelyn Hazell:

An art-historian from London, England, Evelyn Hazell developed meningitis and quickly found herself fighting to stay alive. Then all of the sudden things became even stranger. She claimed that she could feel something pulling her down, trying to drag her into a deep pit, and when she looked she saw a three-legged man pushing on her to come down with her. Basically, it sounds a lot like Pamela Anderson’s marriage to Tommy Lee, if you ask me. Eventually, Evelyn fought off her assailant and climbed back into the world of the living. Now she retells her story to anyone who listens – her road to hell ad back.

8. Jennifer Perez:

Jennifer Perez was 15 years old when she was taken to hell by God after dying. Perez was out partying and took a drink from a stranger that ended up spiked. The next thing she knew she was in the hospital surrounded by doctors and nurses/ God judged her as a backslidden Christian. She claims that God had mercy on her and called her back to discuss what she saw in hell.

7. Mickey Robinson:

Robinson survived a fiery plane crash which caused him severe burns. He was at death’s door when he had a spiritual reawakening which changed his life forever. While recovering, he not only had time to recovery, but struggled to find purpose in life as well. The hell he experienced was much more horrific and personal that anyone else in this list experienced.

6. Howard Pittman:

In 1979, Howard Pittman, a Baptist Minister of 35 years died while on the operating table during surgery and had a horrific near death experience and came back to tell it. After living a very religious life, Howard died of an anneurism and was given a spiritual journey of the second heaven and shown the operations of demonic powers. As he went with his angel to the gates of Heaven, he was shocked by God’s response to his life of service.

5. B.W. Melvin:

Another non-religious person has a bout with hell. Melvin was an average atheist living a life – disrespecting the idea of God’s existence. He was given the surprise of his life when he died of drinking Cholera-contaminated water. He was given a tour of Hell in which he saw and heard many things he had denied during his lifetime. This book/testimony is a great tool to use for atheists because the Holy Spirit reveals the answers to a lot of questions that caused Bryan to think otherwise. He’s now a born again Christian like George W. Bush.

4. Matthew Botsford:

The bullet pierced the back of his head and Matthew Botsford didn’t have a chance of surviving the single shot. He was dead. While his earthly body gave up, his spirit was already trapped in hell and there was no way out. He was in a coma for 27 days and lived to testify that hell does exist and that it is definitely not a place anyone wants to go to, especially when it wasn’t intended for humanity.

3. Veronika Ulrike:

When Veronika was 22 years old, she was struck by lighting while driving on the road. For about 15 minutes she was transported to hell and shown a lot of the places where humanity does not want to end up and all the time an Angel of the Lord drove her car!

2. Vassula Ryden:

This 71 year old claims to have been to both hell and heaven. She described the experience in her book: Heaven is Real But so is Hell. She also claims the God communicated with her told her the He will her wisely. Since this experience, she’s seen many visions and prophecies of God, including the prediction about the 2004 tsunami that hit Asia and the destruction of the World Trade Centers in 2001.

1. Howard Strom:

In his book, My Descent into Death: A Second Chance at Life, Howard clearly described his visit to hell and how he was saved by Jesus Christ. Right after he died, Howard was invited by some cruel people to follow them. At first, they were friendly and warm. Howard described them as “more like silhouettes, or shapes”. He couldn’t clearly identify them because they were at a distance. The more Howard came closer to them the more they went deeper into the haze.