Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions

Nostradamus, born Michel de Nostredame (1503 – 1566), was an apothecary of French origins who foretold a number of prophecies and published them in a world-famous book called The Prophecies or Les Propheties.

The very first edition of the said book became famous about 11 years before he died. Since then, Nostradamus and his book have acquired a huge following that believes he predicted numerous world events, hundreds of years before they occurred.

Check out the following Nostradamus predictions:

10. Language differences will disappear

Nostradamus wrote that following the invention of what he calls “a new engine,” the world will be “as in the days before Babel.” Nostradamus seemed to have been talking about a kind of universal translating machine – perhaps a computer. He says this development will soon lead to the end of nations.

9. The dead will resurrect

“Not far from the age of the millennium, when there is no more room in Hell, the buried dead shall come out of their graves,” Nostradamus once also warned his readers. This chilling prediction is in keeping with prophecies found in the Book of Revelation.

8. The World Economy will Collapse

Their fortunes gone, “the rich shall die many times over,” Nostradamus says. The world economy has been on the brink of failure since 2009. No surprise there! USA is pushing the envelop with increasing the debt ceiling

7. Major eruption of Mount Vesuvius

A major eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the future is certain … and it will be massive. It may well happen in late 2015 or early 20616, which, using this system, should be considered as uncomfortably close. This may be the worst eruption of Vesuvius since either 79 AD or 1631 AD, the two worst eruptions in history and sharing the same base 7 timeline. If it occurs during daylight, it will turn the affected region into a heavy darkness. Earthquakes may occur every five or ten minutes before the dreadful lava and ash flow begins, killing between 6,000 and 16,000 people.

6. People will live to be over 200

Advances in medicine will extend the average human life span to 200 years. An 80-year-old will look just like a 50-year-old, the seer says.

5. Radiation will scorch our world

“The kings shall rob the forests, the sky will open, the fields shall be burned by heat,” the seer writes. This is a warning that the destruction of the rain forests will lead to a hole in the ozone layer, exposing Earth to harmful ultraviolet radiation.

4. Major Earthquake in Western USA

This time around I’m not going to suggest that this eruption may be Yellowstone … it might be, but it is impossible to be sure. There have only been two significant eruptions of volcanoes on the US mainland: Lassen Peak, located in California, in May 1915, and Mount St. Helen’s, located in the state of Washington, in May 1980. The Lassen Peak precedent, if it were to repeat again in this century, would have done so in either May 2006 or May 2013. No US volcano erupted at either time, leaving the Mount St. Helen’s precedent for another major volcanic eruption happening in either May 2001, May 2008, or soon in May 2015. Interestingly enough, there was a large earthquake that shook Seattle, Washington in February 2001 (which I predicted on this website). Since 2008 was uneventful, it may be a good idea to be concerned on the 14th anniversary of the Seattle quake.

It may begin as an earthquake, but in very little time it will be all too apparent that it is something much worse: a volcanic eruption or, even worse, a super volcanic eruption.

3. Humans will learn to talk to animals

Advances in the science of telepathy will make it possible for people to talk with their pets and farm animals.

This will lead to an upsurge in vegetarianism, Nostradamus writes, since “The hog will become a brother to man.”

2. All taxes will be abolished in the Western World

A major revolt will put an end to all taxation forever. The seer writes, “The people will refuse to pay tax to the king.” That’s the day I will celebrate freedom in a country that taxes us mercilessly.

1. Would-be parents will need licenses

The days when just anyone could have a baby will become a thing of the past by 2015, Nostradamus predicts. Could this be the world’s effort to stop overpopulation? I think it’s too drastic since kids are their parents’ properties, not the government’s.