Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes

Fragrances incite the senses and invoke memory in the some of the most bizarre ways possible.  It also creates ambiance.  For these reasons, it would be careless of me not to devote some part of my article to describing the magic of the most expensive perfumes in the world.  The importance of a fragrance that captures all of the emotion, dignity and sensuality of a loved one is vast and incalculable.  Whether it is a personal favorite or a scent especially chosen to commemorate a occasion, a luxury fragrance is the most fragile adornment a person can wear.  Intimate and subtle, these fragrance remains with the wearer for a long period of time.

So if you have the money and want to buy one of these top 10 most expensive perfumes or you just wanna check expensive perfumes, which we know you that you are just gonna check, then check out this list of the top ten most expensive perfumes. You will not be disappointed.

10. Chanel No. 5

Channel No.5 is the perfect perfume gift for a special woman in your life. Famous Chanel N°5 is a symbol of good taste and is currently one of the best selling perfumes in the world. Coco Chanel asked the perfume designer Ernest Beaux to create a perfume ‘ which smells like a woman’. It is generally considered that the bottle design was inspired by the rectangular beveled lines of the Charvet toiletry bottles.

Price: $234 per 100 ml

9. Shalini Perfume

Shalini is one of the best floral perfumes for women. It was developed by Maurice Roucel. Shalini has a rare and pure scent, rich in ylang ylang, neroli and coriander that are blended with musk, sandalwood, vanilla and tuberose.

Price: $900 a 2.2 oz bottle.

8. Ralph Lauren Notorious

Notorious is a perfume for women inspired by Hitchcock’s classics movies. This new perfume arrived in autumn 2008 and celebrated the 10th anniversary of the best seller of the house of Romance.

Notorious is a fragrance which introduces the old Hollywood glamour. It was inspired by actress Faye Dunaway and her role in the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair”, by actress Lauren Bacall in the movie “The Big Sleep” and by Ingrid Bergman in Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller “Notorious.”

The perfume was created by Olivier Gillotin of Givaudan, who enriched the top notes with black currents, pink pepper and Italian bergamot.

Price: $3,540 per Bottle

7. Hermes 24  Faubourg

Named for the address of the first store in Paris, Faubourg Saint Honoré, 24 Faubourg represents a romantic saga, a sensual story It.arrives  at no.7 on this top ten list and comes at a high price of $1500/bottle. The very sophisticated, elegant and classy smell of this perfume makes it one of the most desired perfumes in the wrld. This feminine perfume has a powerful fragrance which usually lasts for 24 hours and is the perfect present for your wife on Valentine’s Day. The mixture includes jasmine, ylang ylang, iris orange blossom and other good fragrances that adds to the cost of this perfume and make it more tempting to wear.

Price: $1500/bottle

6. Eau D’hadrien by Annick Goutal

EAU D’hadrien perfume by Annick Goutal costs $1,500 for just 3 – 4 oz, which makes it no. 6 on this top 10 list of most expensive perfume available. The perfume is presented in the pure and elegant square bottle dressed with a label inspired by cigar bands. This perfume is different from all others on the market as it possess the fragrance of citrus fruits, such as that of lemons and grapes, rather than floral aroma which almost all fragrances carry. The fragrance of this perfumes makes it a unisex perfume, making it an ideal perfume for both men and women. The fresh and refreshing aroma of this perfume will definitely help both men and women to earn a lot of compliments. The only problem is that the smell does not last too long.

Price: $1,500 / 3 – 4 oz

5.  Caron’s Poivre

Caron’s Poivre perfume arrives at no.5 on this top 10 list of most expensive perfume of 2014. This luxury fragrance comes at a price of $2,000 per two ounces and was first launched in 1954 by Michel Morsetti and Félicie Wanpouille. It possess the powerful aroma of pepper, which makes it unisex in nature. Notwithstanding the fragrance of pepper, it also has the aroma of white floral. The mixture of warm spice, fresh spice, floral and woody bade notes in perfect harmony with each other, makes this perfume one of the most appealing to all. It is considered to be a rare, vintage perfume which adds a status to the personality of the person wearing it.

Price: $2,000/ two ounces

4. Clive Christian No.1

Clive Christian No. 1 is a fragrance that smells like luxury and arrives at no. 4 on this top ten list. Not a single penny was spared in the design and creation of this fragrance. The scent has top notes of bergamot, lime, Sicilian mandarin nutmeg, cardamom and thyme. The heart notes are more of heliotrope, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley while the base notes smell of sandalwood, cedar wood, amber wood, vanilla, and vetiver. Its bottle is handmade from lead crystal, while the neck is 24-karat gold-plated sterling silver, set with a solitaire. The men’s version of No. 1 is also the world’s most expensive perfume for men ($2,350 / 2 oz.). Definitely worth the money!

Price: $2,350/2 oz.

3. Baccarat “Les Larmes Sacres de Thebes”

Baccarat “Les Larmes Sacres de Thebes” Perfume is the third most expensive perfume bottle, which can be bought for the price of $6800. It has an aroma of pepper, jasmine, geranium, ylang ylang, cardamon, basil, sandalwood, musk, to name a few. The delicious fragrance of the perfume obviously makes up for the cost of the luxury perfume. The bottle in which the perfume is kept adds even more to the cost and makes it even more valuable to your collection. It is a limited addition perfume, so if you want to get your hands on it, you got to go searching for it.

Price: 6,800/bottle

2. Clive Christian Imperial Majesty

Clive Christian Imperial Majesty perfume is the second most expensive of all the perfumes and comes with a price tag of $215,000. It is a unisex perfume and can be worn by both sexes The men’s cologne lasts long and entails the fragrance of green and citrus fruits. The green and citrus fruits provide the aroma of a beautiful summer morning. But the one which is worn by women has a more sexy and vibrant fragrance to it and includes jasmine, cardamom, carnation, lemon, bergamot, and benzoin. It will also last for a long time. The bottle in which this perfume is sold also adds to the price tag. The only thing that is negative about this perfume is the quantity, which is less in comparison to the price of the perfume.

Price: $215,000/bottle

1. DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Perfume

This perfume is not just a luxury  perfume, but a collector’s edition with its aesthetically-looking egg-shaped bottle made  from 14k yellow and white gold. The New York skyline encircles the top half using 2,909 precious stones – diamonds, sapphire, pink rubies, tourmaline, and the flawless yellow canary diamond that caps the bottle. True to DKNY’s Be Delicious DNA, the fragrance contains a very familiar smell to it – apple, sandalwood, and white musk.

Price: $1 million/bottle