Top 10 Luxury Workstations

It’s very easy to forget about your body’s needs when you’re deep into your work —until your body offers a throbbing reminder. Save yourself the physical shell and strain with these enhanced, customizable ergonomic luxury workspaces. Each desk on this list can be set up alone or configured with other pieces of furniture so as to create a collaborative workspace that is optimal for learning and/or employment.

10. The V1 Computer Workstation

The V1 Computer Workstation is a multifunctional desk that was built to enhance gaming and music experiences for its users. The innovatory product can be used as a computer gaming chair, flight simulator, racing simulator, video editing workstation, sound editing workstation, personal movie theater, and more. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and offers a number of luxuriant upgrades. The trendiest upgrade is the Porsche seat that can have as many as 12 functions including the power lumbar controls and heat.

9. Nethrone Workstation

When you’re on your computer typing away all day, the typical ergonomic keyboards and wrist pads are just not good enough for you and your work demands. Created by renowned Israeli designer Eran Baruhe, the Nethrone is an oval-shaped structure that is the perfect solution for your long working hours. It offers unparalleled electronic adjustment, including the height, angle and position of the keyboard, display, seat, and headrest.  The aim of creating such a workplace is to ergonomically place users in the most favorable sitting position and to relieve back pain related to long hours of computer activities.

8. Globus

Designed by Michael van der Klay the Globus is a plastic globe workstation on wheels. It literally split open to expose seating space in one half and a small adjustable table (worktable) in the other half. The Globus luxury workstation is perfect for small home or office spaces and comes in a wide array of colors. It is also perfect for airport lounges and hotel lobbies.

7. Office Organix ErgoQuest 500

This workspace is ideal for those who enjoy or want to enjoy working from home and admire the concept of working from bed. This height-adjustable workstation can be used while standing, seated, or in a supine work position. So, you can choose to work whichever way your heart desires, as long as it is “optimal” for you.

The work surface also features motorized monitor tilt platform, keyboard tray and arm which allows the tray to tip 90 degrees and provide you with a range of positions for use in a reclined mode. And, depending on your work preferences, it also comes equipped with an optional triple LCD arm. The ErgoQuest 500 model is priced at $4,000.

6. Battle-Rig Pro luxury

The Battle-Rig Pro luxury gaming workstation is a hyped up desk. Gamers across the world will enjoy the Battle-Rig Pro, which features a comfortable and cozy seat to help you remain relaxed while under the most intense gaming situations. It is fully customizable, coming in different color combinations, which makes it easier for you to match your home’s décor. It also features a storage system that allows you to integrate your speaker system into it for surround sound quality without having any unsightly wires and cables running across the floor. Unfortunately, this station is only sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

5. Sit-to-Walkstation:

Having trouble finding the time to go to the gym? We have the solution for you. The Sit-to-Walkstation, which is priced at $4,899, is a fully adjustable desk with a treadmill attached to its base. With a simple push of a button, the user can go from standing there and typing on the computer to burning off a few calories on treadmill while doing office work at the same time. A monitor conveniently shows the treadmill’s speed, how many calories you have burned, and the duration and distance of the walk. According to Steelcase’s website, the treadmill is so quiet it will not disturb your work habits or your workers.

4.  Cruise and Atlas Workstation

A well-matched combination of computer table and office chair, the Cruise and Atlas Workstation is designed to deliver maximum comfort in the workplace with its translucent partition walls and optimal personal atmospheres.

Made with a flexible mesh fabric, a wide headrest and a broad variety of adjustment options, this luxury workstation offers users an aesthetic and smart alternative as well as an enhanced look and support. Equipped with a special reclining function, the uncommonly low sitting position shifts body weight to the large-surface backrest to reduce strain on neck, shoulders and arms. The reclining position also promotes blood circulation and prevents leg stiffness, allowing for more relaxed working and improved focus on computer work.

3. The Emperor 200 Luxury Workstation

The Emperor 200 Luxury Workstation features a stunning design that looks like a scorpion’s tail. But the Emperor 200 is not all about the stunningly features and incredibility; there are other cool featured loaded into the workstation that make this the one of the top 10 luxury workstation product to buy. There is an electric powered adjustable leather seat, which provides you the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics. Three 24″ LED screen surround you, for an enhanced gaming and multimedia experience. It also offers light therapy and an air filtering system, and everything is fully controlled by a touch screen control center. We’ve come a long way with 21st century technology and hopefully all offices across North America and Europe will begin to utilize it.

2. The Reindeer Desk

As its name would suggest resembles the shape of a deer. Designed by Alex Kozynets, the luxury workstation is an inspiration and signifies purity and dynamicity.  The desk offers a striking, contemporary alternative to the usual desks we see in the offices as well as the homes. An art form in itself, this desk offers an interesting conception of a place for creating, writing or reading. We recently purchased a reindeer desk for our home office and all the clutter and the mess we typically see on a tradition workstation magically disappears with the Reindeer Desk.

1. PowerDesk

As much as you try to keep your workstation clutter-less, you can’t help but have tangled cables. This does not just look messy, but troubles you when you need to plug-in something as small as a mouse or a USB device.

You can say goodbye to all that clutter by purchasing a PowerDesk, a unique luxury workstation with embedded PC. PowerDesk don’t just saves on space but also removes the clutter of tower units and the trailing cables. The desk has all the controls, ports and CD/DVD drives built into the thickness of the desktop. PowerDesk can incorporate any major manufacturer’s PC components and are as easy to upgrade.

This workstation is indeed one of the most elegant and well conceived luxury workstations on this top 10 list. It uses high-quality materials like Marine-grade aluminum and Baltic birch to ensure that the product is durable and sturdy enough to handle your PC. If all that doesn’t allure you to buy this portable workstation, then you can get one more reason to love it – it’s totally customizable to your computer and liking. You can easily add things like lights, speakers, and even a satellite internet to go with it.