Top 10 Best Camera Apps for Android Phone

When it comes to Android, the dynamic thing is about getting free apps that would make an even greater mobile experience. And what’s even more dynamic? It’s discovering where to find them. For Android fanatics looking for the best camera experience, here are some great camera apps discoveries to help you find what you’ve been looking for. We always welcome your input. Please add your comments in our forum section.

10. PicArt- Photo Studio:

If you haven’t discovered this app, this is the time to do because you’ll be missing a lot of opportunities for award-winning photos. It’s the best substitute for Photoshop and the best thing is it’s free and requires no training or instructions. It’s an all-in one photo editor, collage maker, photo grid, picture art network and drawing tool. The latest updates are its new Cinerama effects, improved “fish Eye” and caricature effects and Shop designs. It’s now available to 3.15.1 version. The app is free to use.

9. MomentCam- Hightalk Software Corp 

If you love creating photo that has touches of animation then get this app. Selfie addicts would love this too since it provides every tool to capture those emotions in surprising moods simply called emoticons. Looking for a fun and youthful experience? Try this app and enjoy its clean, fun and youth-oriented interface. The app is free to use.

8. Cymera-Camera & Photo Editor 

This app is from SK communications just recently released on Dec. 26 2013. It requires Android 2.2 and up. This app works well for portrait. It accommodates large variety of lenses and contains more shooting modes. For bordering, it has 20+ borders and light filters for that photograph’s different feel.  It’s best for collage and is a very effective photo editor. The app is free to use.

7. Perfect365-ArchSoft 

It’s the best face make-up app from ArchSoft Inc. It’s easy to use and in just one tap you’ll create a totally great makeover to your subject’s face. It has trendy makeover styles and fine-tunes details that are easy and fun to use. Looking forward to capture and create a face that could launch a thousand ships?  This camera app will let you easily do it with so much fun.

6. Motion camera-Fingersoft 

Creating photo with motion on them is made fun with Motion Camera app from Fingersoft. It has real time motion effect and can save images quickly with just one touch of a button and support auto focus when tapping anywhere on the screen. It requires 2.3+ Android. The only concern I have with this app is that it is hard to get a good picture when you have to make sure you don’t accidentally hit the bar. It would be much easier to have a  preview screen.

5.Camera ZOOM FX

With more than 1.7 million sold, this app is definitely a great discovery for Android. It gives high definition graphic features for photo display and work great with phones and tablets. This app has lots of cool and working effects and the post editing features makes editing easier and better. The reverse landscape mode has been added recently for better landscape photo mode. In addition to the above named features, the latest version also sports hardware acceleration, and is overall much faster than its predecessor. You also get a golden ratio grid to help you frame your shots, in addition to the standard square grid, circle frame, and horizon tools you used in the previous version of the app.

4. HDR Camera+- Almalence

Take picture with your phone or tablet with full details and in HDR image. The app has feature for correct handling of moving objects and de-ghosting and allow users to control tone-mapping parameters and other camera functions like micro-contrast, exposure and color vividness. It has 11 shooting modes and is good for Kitkat Android.  In terms of picture quality, this is probably the best HDR camera app, in my opinion. The only issue is one cannot choose the focus and exposure spot manually. The app costs $3.19.

3. Night Camera-Almalence 

It’s another great camera app from Almalence as you can take photo anywhere and anytime without the worries of getting low light or dark environment. It’s great for night shooting or indoor shots. The paid version has flash control, zoom, and location tagging and shutter mute. It’s an app for no blur and no noise photo shooting. There is a free version of the app as well as a paid version, which costs $3.19.

2. Cymera

Cymera is another one of the top 10 camera apps for Android that is already popular. With over 10 million downloads to date, Cymera ranks up there with the most popular camera apps of all time. It also happens to be really highly rated by the users. Unlike most camera apps on this list, Cymera focuses on taking certain type of pictures, predominately for taking pictures of people’s faces. The app is free to use and comes highly recommended.

1. CameraMX

On the top of our list of best camera apps for Android is the Camera MX. When compared to the other apps on the list, it’s pretty old school. When compared to the rest, it’s actually very useful to use. It doesn’t necessarily have the feature set that a professional might be looking for, but if you’re a hobbyist or you really enjoy sharing pictures via Google+ or Instagram, then Camera MX is more than good enough. The app is free to use.