Top 10 Popular Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are infectious for a lot of human beings. They’re the topic of many TV shows. They became the subject of many films and have served as an inspiration for a lot of fiction writers. We ask ourselves, why the craze for conspiracy theories? Aside from the fact that humans are naturally curious creatures, […]

Top 10 Smartest Animals in the World

For hundreds of thousands of years human beings have been set apart from the rest of the creatures on earth due to our apparent superior intelligence. No other species on the earth can do several things that a human can do such as use language, entertain abstract thoughts, produce art, etc. However, all these things […]

Top 10 Odd Facts about Dreams

Here are 10 interesting facts about dreams that you should know. 10.  You forget 90% of your dreams: Within 5 minutes of waking up half of your dream is forgotten. Within 10 minutes, 90% is gone. Dream chasers are an exception. You could remember bits and pieces and can have epiphanies in your dreams, but […]

Top 10 Restaurants with Stunning Scenery

During times, restaurants were looking to set tables in places with dramatic or stunning views. If at the beginning the food was not so good as the scenery, now we can find the perfect combination between a delicious meal, excellent service and a stunning view that takes your breath. Here is a top ten restaurants […]