Top 10 Restaurants That Need to Be Closed

Here are 10 food places you don’t want to dine or shop in. STAY AWAY! 10. Pusateri’s Toronto, ON: I will never buy anything from this restaurant. They charge an arm and a leg for their food and the food isn’t even up to high class standards. I’d rather go to McEwans than this shithole. The Pusateri’s […]

Top 10 Classic Novels of all Time

Frankly saying, every top-books list is a mere offense, for literature is something you can’t really esteem nor rate, unlike such mundane things as food or gadgets, sport or quality of services. Mixing together words written by acclaimed classics and all those scary numbers seems promiscuous at any rate. But what if we try to […]

Top 10 Countries with the Sexiest Men

A sexy man is one who is sophisticated, but has susceptibility to attack and attract, looks rugged and tough, mean but has the kindest eyes with cutest the smile, has terrific physique but can touch a lady with the softest caress. He is one who is allowed to be brutally honest only if he is […]

Top 10 Portrayals of Mental Disorders

The performing arts has long been interesting in studying mental illness in depth. It has been depicted in almost every genre of film from horror (Shutter Island) to romantic comedy (50 First Dates) to dramatic (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape). Sometimes these depictions are good and sometimes they are too controversial… Once in a while we […]

Top 10 Rulers You Should Not Mess With

Throughout history, there have been many good leaders and bad rulers; too many to start counting. There have been dictators, and there have been benevolent kings. This list is about the rulers in history that people really did not want to mess with. 10. Suleiman I: Also referred to as Suleiman the Magnificent, Suleiman I […]

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