Top 10 Popular Cat Breeds

What is more endearing than a child holding a cuddly cat? A child snuggling with a purring cat that loves the attention from its small human companion. If your household includes children, consider adding one of these kid-friendly cat breeds to your home. Have a mix-breed cat, or don’t see your favorite cat breed here? […]

Top 10 Diseases with Obscure Benefits

Not all diseases carry negativity. Some actually obscure, and surprising benefits. Here is just 10 diseases to prove my point. 10. Huntington’s Disease increases a person’s fertility Huntington’s Disease: a devastating, hereditary, degenerative brain disorder for which there is, at present, no cure and only one FDA-approved treatment (Xenazine) for a symptom of HD. HD slowly diminishes the affected […]

Top 10 Fast Food Countries

Fast Food restaurants are quite popular all over the world. Their quick munching options that will never let you forget the flavor, tastes, convenience and the inexpensiveness of their restaurant experience. They have been the best contenders in the food industry since the 20th century. They offer plenty of quick acquiring and delicious edible commodities to serve, […]

Top 10 People Who Went to Hell

Is hell real? If yes, what does it look like? Who lives there? Journeys to the devil’s domain are more common than you might think. Here are 10 people who went to hell and came back to speak and write about. 10. Bill Wiese: On November 22, 1998 at 3:23a.m., Annette Wiese woke up to her husband’s screams. […]

Top 10 Shocking Celebrity Breakups

Celebrity relationships and breakups have become part of the Hollywood culture for the longest time ever. We used to hear about the divorces in tabloid magazines, but with gossip sites, Facebook, Twitter and smartphones, this news is now more open to the public. People just can’t seem to “mind their own business”. Here are the top ten most shocking […]

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