Top 10 Psychic Predictions for Summer

Our Top 10 Nostradamus predictions for 2015 proved so popular we decided to write another article looking at what scientists and other psychics are saying about Summer 2014. We’ll revisit our predictions next year to see how accurate they were. Below are top ten non – Nostradamus predictions for 2014.

10. Miley Cyrus will fade away:

I personally cannot stand Miley Cyrus. I think she uses her sexuality too much and is simply a big showoff. She controls teenagers and young adults in the palms of her hands and is not acting as a good role model. Soon people will see her for her true colors and ignore her and her sexual mores. She’ll have to rebuild her reputation and loyalty among her fans, just like Britney Spears had to do with hers. Spears came a long way from the time she was booed off stage for lip singing to having her own Vegas show.

Cyrus is rebellious. In September of 2013, she called off her engagement to Liam Hemsworth for whom she bought a penis cake for his 2013 birthday for $25 million. Her performance at the VMA in August of 2013 was the talk of town. It even became the most popular Halloween costume of 2013. Just watch and see why I think she is a bad influence on her fans.

9. New Pope:

Yet another pope! Anytime between now and August 31, the world could see a new Pope, because of the supposed plot to end corrupt Vatican powers. Also, during this upset and confusion, a volcano in Italy will produce some steam. Psychics expect this to happen in the summer, before it snows. Other psychics argue that he will suffer from a lung infection and that will cause him to step down.

8. Global Food Reserves will reach lowest levels since end of WWII:

The past decade has seen the world consume more food that it could produced. Last year, a drought in the United States and elsewhere has put even more pressure on global food supplies than normally. As such, there is a growing concern amongst the populace that we’re running out of the essential life supplies. Psychics argue that if things don’t improve next summer, we may face a troublesome global food crisis.

7. Magnetic Reversal:

Our magnetic field flips every few thousands years due to lopsided growth of the planet’s core. Scientists are investigating the phenomenon of magnetic field reversal and are predicting that these shifts are likely to be connected to the growth of the core. Psychics also predict that the next reversal could be underway and it could be disastrous for power grids and communication systems.

6. North Korea Problem:

North Korea issue

While North Korea could be contained, it could not be ignored because nuclear expertise was its only real cash crop, which it was willing to sell to a number of bidders – from Pakistan to Iran to Libya. Dennis Rodman’s special relationship with Kim Jong-un may be the key to peaceful associations between the West and North Korea. Psychics also predict that a country in East Asia will take a downfall and North Korea will sweep up to conquer it in 2014. Many critics hint that it could be China. Having China fall into the hands of North Koreans could count as a big loss for the West. On March 6, 2014 it almost shot down a South China airline with its missile. Anything is possible.

5. A New Leader in the Middle East

A new leader will emerge in the Middle East. He will consolidate his political power across national boundaries, including the Gulf States. This new presence will be seen by the West as someone who will cooperate and will work toward peace between the Mid-East and the West. Iran Nuclear Talks have been improving.

In September 2013,  the newly elected President of Iran Hassan Rouhani seemed steafast in his commitment to a resolution to the nuclear issue. Rouhani said he saw the nuclear issue as a “beginning point” for U.S.-Iran relations. A six-month nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers, which limited Iran nuclear program in exchange for lighter sanctions, opened the door to greater Iranian engagement with the world. Whether there will be peace or not, that is still up for debate. Whether Rouhani will be that leader previously discussed that also remains to be seen.

4. Winner of World Cup 2014:

Brazil is expected to win 2014 World Soccer Cup but you shouldn’t rule out the brilliant German team.

3. Queen Elizabeth II resigns:

Queen Elizabeth II second will step down and will turn over the reigns to her grandson, Duke of Cambridge, William. This will happen something during the summer, after someone in the family will take the turn for the worse and pass away.

2. Ukraine Crisis:

This summer, Vladimir Putin will do something crazy in Ukraine, much more severe than the situation right now.  Republicans will demand that Barack Obama show some strength in face of the Putin threat. However, there will be nothing that Obama or Americans could do to stop Putin from seizing control over Ukraine, since they are 10 hours in flight and entire ocean away.

1. Edward Snowden will be caught and sent back to U.S. for trial:

Snowden is bound to face the music in the United States. If he thinks that he can trust Putin and Russia not to turn him in, he is widely mistaken. Putin probably has his goons spying on Snowden 24/7. What is to say he will not do the samething to Russia what he did to the United States?