Top 10 Odd Facts about Poop

This is an educational lesson you will never forget. Or, at least I have not forgotten, while doing my research. Our digestive system is very complex, especially the end result.

Many people wonder:

1) why do they fart?

2) why do they have diarrhea?

3) how often should they have bowel movements before the profess that they have constipation?

Here are the top 10 odd facts about feces that you will definitely not forget until the day you die.


10. The feces produced by elephants is very fibrous…that in many parts of the world, people make paper out of it. Their digestive system isn’t that efficient, so more than half of the grass and leaves they eat comes straight out of their behinds.

9. If blue whales eat shrimps or prawns, their poo will be pink! They’re feces is some of the biggest on the planet; up to several meters long and 25cm wide.

8. The world’s longest recorded human poop was 26 feet. Now, if you’ll excuse me, while I take a very long shower. I just lost my appetite.

7.  The average person poops 2 lbs. a day. Well, that excludes the ladies and the priests. Just kidding.

6. The world’s most expensive tealeaves are fertilized with panda poop, which, due to the herbivore’s healthy diet, is rich in vitamins and minerals. Currently, a cup of the tea sells for $200 and the price is continuously going up as pandas come closer to extinction.

5. The white-sand beaches of the Caribbean are the heavens on Earth, but there’s an actual disgusting secret that you don’t know. Much of that sand you’re sunbathing on is actually the poop of parrotfish. There are approximately 90 species of parrotfish, so named because of their teeth, which are so densely packed that they resemble a parrot’s beak.

4. Water makes up about 75% of a person’s bowel movements. The rest is an often-stinky combination of fiber, dead and live bacteria, other cells, and mucus. Soluble fibers found in foods like beans and nuts are broken down during digestion and form a gel-like substance that becomes part of your poop.

3. Sloths only poop once a week and it’s called the poo dance.

2. I’ve waited a long time for my most prized hentai fantasy to become reality. Apparently Tokyo has too much sewage and enterprising Japanese scientists figured out a way to sublimate this process and add literal meaning to the phrase “eat shit”.

1. There are four bags of astronaut poop on the moon, left behind by Neil Armstrong on his Apollo mission to moon.