Top 10 Odd Facts about Hitler

Here are some odd facts about Adolf Hitler; the Fuhrer of the Third Reich. He is one of the most studied political figures of the 20th century.

10. He had a Farting Disorder:

During WWI, Hitler suffered from meteorosis, a farting disorder. He enjoyed eating sweets, especially pastries, which aided in his ability to worsen the disorder. In order to prevent smelly gases, he refrained from eating dairy and meat products together. At the end of the war, Hitler became a vegetarian, as stomach pains and cramps were too much for him to handle.

Most doctors now argue that excessive gases can be controlled with a change of diet and lifestyle. Passing wind is normal, just like sweating. Why do people fart?
As the gas builds up, the body may need to get rid of it – this is done by either burping (belching) or flatulence (farting).

9. His Third Grade Teacher Believed He Was Bad Tempered:

It is said that Hitler’s 3rd grade teacher thought the Fuhrer had a bad temper and that he would make a good leader one day. She wrote these comments on his report card. She was right about the bad temper, but she was wrong about him being a good leader. A good leader would have calculated the risk of invading Russia, and learned from history, that is not to mess with the Russians. The invasion of Russia led to Hitler’s downfall.

8.  He may have been homosexual:

Historians, for years, argued that the Fuhrer was a homosexual.  They strongly believe that the Gestapo destroyed all evidence pointing Hitler’s early homosexual behaviour during WWII. However, there is one thing that Historians are certain of is that he was a very feminine man. Hitler would walk like a lady with dainty little steps, according to William Shirer, an American journalist. His writing was also typically feminine.

7. He suffered from insomnia:

Hitler suffered from insomnia and would mostly work during the night. He would go to sleep at around 4-5 AM in the morning and wake up at 11 in the morning. One of the main reasons for his insomniac behaviour was that he was afraid of the dark. He used to have company till the dawn for playing him music, watch movies or talk to him. He also used to fear harm from things that were unknown, so he would always ask his maid to check the bed before he would sleep in it.

6. His first love was a Jewish woman:

Stefanie Rabatsch was Adolf Hitler‘s first love when he was a teenager. She was Jewish. August Kubizek a close childhood friend of Hitler, wrote about this in his memoirs, Adolf Hitler, mein Jugendfreund (Adolf Hitler, My Childhood Friend; published in English as The Young Hitler I Knew). However, Stefanie Rabatsch stated in interviews that she was unaware of Hitler’s feelings for her.  But she did receive an anonymous love letter asking her to wait for him to graduate and then to marry him, which she only realized after being questioned about him, must have been from the young Fuhrer. Kubizek’s book was later banned during the Nazi era.

5. He never took his Jacket off in public:

For a speaker, personal appearance and presentation is everything. As a result, Hitler never took of his jacket in public, always wore pre-tied neckties, and only wore full-length underwear. He was probably afraid of people finding out that he sweat too much. And since we’re on the subject of personal appearances, we might as well take a stab at his mustache: no one could convince him that it wasn’t popular. One day, he convinced himself, it will catch on because everyone will want to be like him. He was too delusional to think straight.

4. He only had one testicle:

The Nazi leader lost a testicle during the Battle of the Somme in 1916, according to his War doctor.  The medical condition, for which there has never been conclusive proof, was mocked in the Second World War ditty which begins: “Hitler has only got one ball, the other is in the Albert Hall.”  I wonder if he never had kids because he had one testicle or because he was a homosexual. Hitler was also referred to as the screamer. Hitler was very noisy when he was injured at Battle of the Somme, and kept asking whether he would be able to have children. The British Council later wrote a song about it, entitled “Will I be able to have children?”

3. Klara Hitler’s death:

His mother’s death of breast cancer was a turning point for Adolph Hitler. It fueled his hatred towards Jews. Klara’s doctor, Eduard Bloch, a Jew, administered iodoform on her which then was the standard treatment for breast cancer. She died shortly after from the treatment at the age of 47 in 1907. Biographer Joachim Richer said that Hitler never forgave the doctor, but he did give him the reprieve during WWII when all Jews were being sent to Concentration Camps and being exterminated.

2. He Loved American College Football Style Music:

To excite the masses, he also uses American College football-style music during his speeches. His rallying cry – “Sieg Heil!” – was even modeled after the cheering techniques used by American football cheerleaders.

1. Klara Hitler considered abortion:

Klara Hitler considered aborting her son (aka. Adolph). However, the doctor persuaded her not to. Abortion was considered a crime in Austria at the time. Anyone who performed an abortion would do it at their own risk.