Top 10 Male Traits That Are Most Attractive

Men are often clueless when it comes to attracting opposite sex. They make excuses; saying that it is too hard to understand a woman’s thinking and they just can’t figure out what they want. Well, I would say they stay clueless regarding many things and not just about their woman’s needs! But never mind. What a woman likes or dislikes in a man has been a startling mystery for centuries and it’s true that there is no particular “type” or a checklist that every girl has detailed for their special guy. There can be entirely different qualities which a girl looks for while finding a suitable partner. As each person has a different personality and characteristics, what they want in a guy differs as well. But not to worry, as there sure are some traits and aspects that will make any woman attracted towards a guy. And they are….

10. Mannerisms

First impression will be a man’s last impression if he does not know how to charm a woman or what to say. Where good manners can be a complete turn on for women, wrong ones can put off the girl. Good speaking etiquette, table etiquette, and politeness will all help a guy give off the right signals to the girl. One of my friends went on a date with a girl he met online. When they sat to dinner, he couldn’t stop talking about him and his problems. She got up to go to the bathroom to call her friend to release her from the date. There went his chance to find true love.

9. Smile

Smile is unquestionably one of first indicators that a girl pays attention on. If you ask 10 girls what they first see in a guy, 8 of them will answer – smile. Putting on a nice smile makes a person look confident and it conveys the message that you are willing to open up for a conversation and further for a friendship or a relationship. And don’t confuse a nice smile with a cheesy grin as that might make you look creepy and desperate for something the girl is not ready for.

8. Courtesy

You might have heard it so many times that courtesy and politeness are dead. But as you date more and more, you will notice that more and more women still expect you to be courteous and polite. Be it a date or your usual office day, chivalry is easily noticed and can attract a woman. So when she tries to exit your car, be a gentleman and open the door for her.

7. Dominance

Show her that you are a man of your word and the man in the house. Women absolute love dominance in a man. Now this doesn’t mean you walk around like the best thing since sliced bread and make your girl your slave, but it does mean you are in control. You take control, you command control and your control is incredibly attractive to females.

6. Spontaneity

Spontaneity shows excitement and women don’t want to be a part of a humdrum life. Women love spontaneous acts of passion and romance. They love it when they are surprised and when you keep things interesting no woman will be able to resist. The last thing you want is to be predictable. Women hate experiencing the mundane. They want something different in life and it’s the guy job to give it to her.

5. Intelligence

Girls drool over guys with a nice body but more than that they look for a guy who is intelligent enough for them. Make sure while conversing with your girl you don’t talk senseless things. You need not look like a nerd in front of her but it would be advantageous if you come out as an intelligent person who is aware of the happenings around him. Along with being romantic, talk about various things like your ideologies and your opinions so she can correctly judge your sensibilities and form a more appropriate image of yours in her mind.

4. Dress Code

Women like their dates to be well-groomed and to look presentable, especially to family. So don’t just wear the first thing you see in your closet. Using clothes to judge a man may seem shallow, but women do it all the time. For one thing, it seems to be one of the differences between a boy and a man: boys don’t know what to wear and need someone to do their laundry and shopping; men have their own taste and know how to dress themselves.

3. Listen

Pay attention. A woman feels safe and secure when she knows her man will put down his BlackBerry and listen to her. Magic words: “I’m here. Tell me everything.”

2. Confidence

Men are expected to have a confident attitude towards life. Confidence shows women that you can be successful and trusted. When you trust yourself, others will as well. Women will trust you with themselves.

1. Passion

Why do women always feel attracted to musicians? Because rock stars are passionate in public. Women like displays of passion because they’re not accustomed to seeing them from men. Get passionate about something in life: kayaking, photography, barbecuing, or writing. It’s proof that you care for and about something beyond you.