Top 10 Funniest Headline Fails

If you think that the mainstream media can’t get their stories wrong, think again. I’ve taken clips of 10 disastrous stories that made headlines. Some were unintentional, other we’re just plain stupid, if you ask me.

Tiger Woods

10. Tiger Woods’ Balls:

Why wouldn’t he play with his own golf balls and equipment? Unless the newspaper was referring to other balls that we don’t know.

Police arrest

9. Police arrest everyone on February 22

So why wasn’t I arrested? What’s their definition of everyone? Everyone at the scene of an accident? Such a misleading title.


8. Royals:

The headline does not make sense. The content has nothing to do with the Royals or the Angels. One unintentional mistake.

7. Colleagues Finger Billionaire


I really hope that this newspaper meant that colleagues were showing a middle finger to a billionaire. The alternative seems so wrong, and I am sure that that billionaire is not gay, and neither are his colleagues.

6. Diana Alive!


We would like to believe that time can be reversed, but in this case it cannot. Princess Diana is dead and died in the fiery car crash on August 31, 1997.

5. Mayor Parris

A typo by a major newspaper. Paris, France is  not spelled Parris. I am sure that the speech was more inspirational than this Headline.

4. Unhappy Lifesaver

Heroic quote gone wrong. A poor 8 year old boy was misquoted in saying that he wouldn’t save his sister again. There are somethings that should be left out of newspapers, even when it is true.

3. Man eats Underwear

I am sure he ate something different than underwear. Underwear does not suppress alcohol in the system. Unless there is something that I don’t know.

2. Crane Accident

From reading this headline, I am unsure whether the man had something dropped on his leg or head. If the crane dropped on his head, he may not be alive, so I would go with the former.

1. Homicide Victims Rarely Talk to Police

Well Doh! They’re dead, genies!