Top 10 Common Reason for Suicide

We know that those who are most at risk of committing suicide do not automatically want to do so, but do want help in reducing the pain they are experiencing so that they can lead a more productive and fulfilling lifestyle. There is a lot of confusion about the decision to take one’s own life, and by recognizing this, and discussing it, you can help the person start to recognize alternative options for managing their problems or issues in life. Often suicidal people are experiencing intolerable emotional pain, which they believe to be inexorable. They often feel hopeless and trapped inside their own body. By helping them to recognize and explore other pathways to life, you are essentially planting the seeds of hope life can improve. Here are ten common reasons why people choose to commit suicide.

10. Loss of hope:


We all dot hopes on The Almighty to lead a happy and glaring life ahead. But how many of us believe on him? I guess at some moment we all are in the midst of crashed hopes. Then even the pope in the church or the priest in the temple, lose that heavily doped hope on The Almighty. Sometimes it is the hope on our dear ones which got trampled and it affects us in such a way that we are in no position to bear the truth. Hope of getting a promotion, hope of getting a grade better than last year, hope of marrying the true love, hope of never being cheated by a best friend, hope of getting through a tough examination. Hopes are in aplomb and to get lost in hopes is common as common as being crashed.

9. Frustration:


Sometimes enough is enough… we try to fight out all odds and thrive towards success. In the meanwhile, life has some other plans for us. He tries us to beg, cry out and bow down before him. We had tried out all possible means to have our paths cleared but some way or the other, we are down with failure. Then when frustration creeps in and we are fed up of trying. It might be love failure, business failure or family matters. But a moment comes when our limit becomes the starting point and we have travelled far towards the end. No other way seem so easy than ending this life and leave all isolated path behind.

8. Fear:


If you say you fear of nothing, then you are definitely a liar. You can fool the world but not your soul. There is something or the other which makes you go on your knees, makes your heart pump a thousand times more and your body numb with fear. That something is the thing which has driven most people towards the epitome of insanity. And then the final destination is not hard to guess. It is suicide. People tend to fear of the unknown. The fear of loss of a dear ones or the fear of getting dragged by the cops, the fear of getting caught or the fear of getting humiliated in public. This all culminate into one way.

7. Psychosis:


Anyone can develop psychosis and it is very hard to mask it. The good thing about psychosis is that it is treatable. It affects 3 in 100 people, and usually occurs for the first time between the ages of 15 and 30. Men often develop psychosis 5 to 10 years younger than women. It can be caused by a variety of medical illnesses, sleep deprivation, severe stress or trauma, drug reactions, genetic predisposition, and other factors. Schizophrenia is one of main types of psychosis, which makes one forget the real world and makes them live a virtual world where someone commands them to end this life. The intention is just to inflict self with torture and pain. It is treatable and should be diagnosed in time.

6. Impulsive:


Often related to drugs and alcohol, some people become maudlin and impulsively attempt to end their own lives. Once sobered and calmed, these people usually feel emphatically ashamed. The remorse is usually genuine, and whether or not they’ll ever attempt suicide again is unpredictable. They may try it again the very next time they become drunk or high, or never again in their lifetime. Hospital admission is therefore not usually indicated. Substance abuse and the underlying reasons for it are generally a greater concern in these people and should be addressed as aggressively as possible.

5. Depression:


The most suave, common reason of all suicide cases in the world. All thanks to depression, ruling our lives even before we have a tinge of knowledge about it. The people going through depression often cloak their feelings and detecting it is a cumbersome job. They just have one answer to all questions hovering in their minds- “Everyone would lead a better life without me. I am as equivalent to as extinct. I am a useless burden on my parents”. These thoughts are bound to happen and the person haves a taste of bitter, anger, brutal all in one sip. So how can one resist being driven towards suicide if such feelings occur simultaneously? So, the final end to all distress is killing self.

4. Regrets in Life:


Regrets are all a part and parcel of life. There is not a single person without regrets. However it is your decision whether to live with the regret or get motivated by the regret. Most of us confine ourselves within the four walls and become a sadist trying to dissolve it in tears. If the regret is too hard to bear, they try to get away by bringing an end to this life.

3. Philosophical Reasons:

society sucks

The decision to commit suicide for some is based on a calculated and rational decision, often motivated by the presence of a painful terminal illness from which the survival rate is low. These people aren’t depressed, psychotic, maudlin, or crying out for help in this case. This type of suicide is called euthanasia. Although many countries banned doctor assisted suicides, others still allow it, and they include Switzerland and USA. Many doctors are like Dr. Kivorkian also their clinic underground and helped patients end their life.

2. Heartbreak:


Those who fear of falling in love are the ones who fear of embracing rose with its thorn. All love stories are not perfect. Sometimes it the demand of the time that two cupid struck souls, depart and start a new life. But one of them cannot bear his love’s absence in his life. He hates this cruel life and to give this excruciating pain an end, breaks all his ties with life. But in reality, they forget about their mother who had to suffer endless pain to bring him into this world. They forget the insane love he got from his father. Just for the sake of some stranger, he is ready to depart this world.

1. Unemployed:


A 2011 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the suicide rate from 1928 to 2007 had risen and fallen in linkage to the business cycle. It spiked at the onset of the Great Depression, rising to its all-time high in 1933. It fell during the expansionary World War II period from 1939 to 1945. It rose again during the oil crisis in the early ’70s and the double-dip recession of the early ’80s, and lowered to its lowest level ever during the booming ’90s.

Many people therefore wonder whether suicide rates increased during the worst recession since the Great Depression in 2007? The government’s official numbers are still behind, so it’s too early to answer that question. According to the most recent data — a preliminary estimate the CDC released in March — suicide ticked up slightly in 2009, becoming the 10th leading cause of death in USA. Suicides accounted for 11.7 of every 100,000 deaths in 2009, up from 11.6 deaths the previous year and 11.3 in 2007.

Although individual motives for suicide vary, there are some common warning signs. Suicides almost never happen without warning. If you are aware of common signs and of changes in behaviour, you can recognize and better help a person in crisis. The following site is a good resource to help you identify the signs that someone is about to commit suicide. The warning signs are usually physical, emotional and behavioural in nature. Click here to learn more.