Top 10 Cars for Bachelors

Single guys confused about what they should drive can heave a sigh of relief — we’ve done some research and came up with the top 10 best cars for bachelors.

Most women are good at figuring out if the eligible bachelor is a “Man’s Man,” or if he’s just another chicken with no balls. The fact is that most guys have some growing up to do and may not be ready for marriage until they are over the age of 30. If you want to be the kind of guy that women are naturally attracted to — no flowers, gifts or dinners required — then you need to let your childish self die and mature into the masculine man you were born to be. Show a woman what you’re worth and a car is the best indicator. You don’t want to pick her up in some kind of junky car.

10. Dodge Challenger SRT8

Dodge Challenger SRT8

The Dodge Challenger is an umbrella term for three different generations of automobiles marketed by the Dodge division of Chrysler. The Dodge Silver Challenger was produced in 1959. From 1970 to 1974, the first generation Dodge Challenger pony car was built using the Chrysler E platform. The  new $43,995 Challenger SRT8 is a two-door, Hemi-packed air splitter that can rocket from 0–60 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds. Most guys find it distracting having a wife in the front passenger seat stomping an imaginary brake pedal and white knuckling the holy-cow handle while screaming, “I should have listened to my father!” Yep, this is a good car to drive your girlfriend on your first date.”

9. Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

Ashton martin db9

The Aston Martin DB9 is a grand tourer that was first exhibited by Aston Martin at the 2003 Frankfurt Auto Show. Available both as a coupe and a convertible, the DB9 replaced the DB7. Every guy who doesn’t have the dough to pay for this car dreams about screeching to a stop in front of a beautiful woman and hopping out of his Aston Martin and saying, “Bond, James Bond.” Of course, there are other good reasons to pony up $189,915 for this V-12-powered coupe, like its ability to gallop to 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds. Any girl who starts dating a guy with an Aston Martin DB9 should definitely feel lucky because it’s not ever day that they will find someone like this.

8. Porsche Cayman

porsche cayman

The Porsche Cayman is a rear mid-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car produced by Porsche. First launched in 2006, the Cayman is a coupé derived from Porsche’s second and third generation Boxster roadster. We’ve included the Cayman because of its more reasonable $51,900 base price. It has two seats: one for you and one for your wingman. A long list of upgrades allows you to spend a lot more if you want to.

7. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder

You can’t miss this sexy car’s killer design or the deep growl of the engine. Revamped for 2010, this two-seat convertible has a more powerful, new 5.2-litre V-10 engine, which delivers a gut-wrenching 560 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque. The Spyder is convertible version of the Gallardo LP560-4, Lamborghini’s entry-level offering and best-selling vehicle ever. Don’t let its “base model” status turn you off, though – the Gallardo is still a full-blown supercar with a sonorous V10, precise handling and double-take-inducing looks. A really good way for  a bachelor to pick up chicks for his date.

6. Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai Veloster

The 2014 Veloster Turbo satisfies every need from power to technology to fuel efficiency. It provides the ultimate driving experience for those who desire to make a good impression on the first date. Everything about the Veloster Turbo says luxury all over its face. Equipped with a highly advanced Twin-scroll Turbocharged 1.6L Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine, standard features include 18″ alloy wheels with chrome accents, a panoramic sunroof, and navigation system. And when it comes to looks, Veloster Turbo’s aggressive styling guarantees turning heads will never be an issue for the eligible bachelor. With design and power like this, the all-new Veloster Turbo makes every drive a thrilling one.

5. Ford Mustang

An ancestor of the Spanish horses that conquered the Aztecs, the mustang was a free-roaming, sturdy, compact, and dependable animal that came to aid the American man on his quest to conquer the West. While the march has turned into a crawl (albeit for less noble pursuits) and the horse has turned into a car, the car shares at least three qualities with its predecessor. And if you, in turn, want to appear sturdy and dependable, this is the car for you. The Mustang is undeniably one of America’s most awesome cars.

4. Toyota Tacoma Double Cab V6 4×4

Most guys buy trucks for the macho image. A compact truck does the job, particularly when it’s this 4×4 Tacoma. We’d also load it up with the $3,675 TRD Off-Road Package with goodies like skid plates and Bilstein shocks for a total price of $31,820. Married guys need to think twice about it because, unless the misses is a rodeo barrel rider, she’s going to be less than thrilled.

3. Chevrolet Corvette

Did you really think that this car list wouldn’t include America’s iconic sports car? Dollar for dollar and pound for pound, the $49,600 Vette is a performance-car worth every penny you pay and spend. Because it’s nearly impossible for a woman wearing a skirt to exit with any degree of modesty, wives will usually find a reason to take the minivan instead. But what single guy doesn’t want one?

2. Audi Q5

If you want a car that has success and no-nonsense written all over it, then the Audi Q5 is the perfect fit. The vehicle is fully loaded with most gadgets and features you would expect to find in an ultra expensive car, while being practical and useful by offering a lot of cargo space. Many women will be impressed with how nice the luxury car is, and some may even think of you as a guy with drive and ambition.

1. Smart Fortwo

For a guy committed to staying single, driving around in the Fortwo is the automotive equivalent of wearing a Darth Vader costume to a singles bar. In either case, his dating life is over. Dating is expensive; marriage is even more so. For a $12,490 Fortwo, a guy never has to worry about either. Now that’s a bargain!