Top 10 Apps to Use iPhone As a Remote Control for PC or Mac

The iPhone is not only a Smartphone but you can also use it as a remote control for your Mac or personal computer. If not everyone knows that their iPhone can work as a remote control, then it will probably help to know that now as you are missing the opportunity to use your device’s innovative feature embraced by the Apple technology. Here are the top 10 applications that you can use to make your iPhone capable to remotely control your Mac or PC.

10. TeamViewer

Use this app to safely and securely control your Mac or PC. Over 100 million computers in the world are using this app. Team Viewer allows you to remotely control your computer and Mac using your iPhone with its complete keyboard control including some special keys to use on your mobile device. You can access your computer behind firewall and proxy with the highest security standard. The company offers free versions of this app for when you’re engaged in what TeamViewer calls noncommercial use; it relies on the honor system for enforcement. For commercial use, the app costs $100 and $140 for HD version.

9. Hippo Remote Pro

This pro version comes with the features of using your iPhone as a wireless keyboard, Gamepad, a mouse and as a remote control. It comes with a gesture control and gives its users the ability to control other applications like the Windows Media Center 7, web browser, iTunes and Boxee. The Pro version comes with a fee at $4.99 while a basic version is available at $0.99. You can also avail of its free app with limited features. This app is an easy way for you to control applications, open sites for easier reading on your monitor or television, and interact with the multimedia you intend to watch.

8. iShutdown

Whether you want to restart your PC, hibernate or shut it down, you can do so by using this app for iPhone. For just $1.99 you have an access to your iPhone’s capability feature to work as a remote control for your computer or Mac and to control multiple computers at a time.

7. Keynote

This app allows you to remotely control your Mac or PC using your iPhone device under a WiFi connection. You can organize your keyset according to the ones you most commonly use. With your iPhone you have a customized keypad within your hands to use in your computer or Mac. The app allows you to create single buttons instead of using complicated shortcuts, a convenient feature that comes at $3.99. The only downside to using this app is that working with presentations feels crowded on the iPhone’s smaller screen. However, with new Magic Move transitions, 1000+ themes, and collaboration capabilities, Keynote remains one of the best apps for making presentations on your iOS device.

6. Mocha VNC

You can enjoy using the app’s clean interface and easy to use controls for your Mac or PC. The app incorporates your phone’s keyboard to the application’s keypad. It has a local mouse support with an encrypted sign on password. Get the app at $5.99.

5. EyeTV

At $4.99 you can use your iPhone by using this app in turning your Mac or PC into a portable television. You can use the app in viewing the program and schedule guide on your favorite TV shows and to set up a recording. Watch a free EyeTV live on 3G using this application directly on your Mac or PC.

4. Rowmote

This application allows you to control your Mac and open dock apps more quickly. Access your videos, audio and other presentation files from your Mac computer using your phone seamlessly. You can also switch from toggling the iTunes visualize to controlling program using the app. For $0.99 this is an affordable app that you can avail of.

3. Jump Desktop

The app offers a remote desktop application which is compatible with VNC and RDP. It supports Bluetooth keyboards, copy and paste correction, audio streaming, and AirPrint applications. Other features include mouse support, multiple gesture support, and easy to set up process for your iPhone and computer.

2. LogMeIn

You can securely control multiple computers over a 3G connection or a WiFi network using your iPhone with this application. It allows you to access your desktop and Mac applications with ease using your iPhone and it also offers constant upgrades to constantly improve its features. Before I used this app, I never tried a desktop sharing app that is compatible with an iPhone, so I figured I would try this. I was very impressed; local wi-fi works amazing.

1. Snatch

You can use your iPhone as a trackpad and a mouse for controlling your Mac. Snatch supports a multi-touch feature and you can easily launch an application from your computer using the app on your iPhone.